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Hi there 👋

My name is Ethan and I’m currently studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

I love tinkering around and experimenting with code to solve interesting and challenging problems.

One area I’m especially passionate about is education - I’ve always been a hands-on type of learner and have struggled with focusing in a “traditional” textbook and test based classroom environment. So, I’ve tried to actively create a better learning environment for all types of learner as a member of the course staff for CS 61A at Berkeley. In the past, I’ve also created educational tools like PythonBuddy which allows for users to immedietely start programming with live Python syntax checking and execution online.

Outside of education, I’m interested in cybersecurity and building useful and robust software. For example, at GitHub currently, I’ve designed and implemented a new feature that many customers are asking for called “Composite Actions”. You can see some of my work here: As part of the BLUES Lab, I’m also working on creating an offline smart speaker with built-in privacy controls.

While I’ve worked with a handful of languages and frameworks, I’ve most recently worked extensively with C#, Python, Go, and JavaScript as well as Flask and Ruby on Rails. My favorite language as of now is Python since it has the lowest barrier of entry for programming something awesome (ex: my cousin who is in the 2nd grade really loves Python)!

In terms of my professional experiences, I’ve interned at Etsy and two startups before where I’ve created features and optimizations that are used by millions of people.

My personal site is located at

Here are some of my favorite blog posts so far: