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How to STOP Wasting so much TIME on Social Media

Last year, I spent an average of 5 hours on my phone going through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Not so healthy, right?

So, I decided to go cold turkey and tried to delete the apps from my phone. After 2 days of trying this out, I redownloaded them.

Finally, I decided to create a compromise between my desire for entertainment and my desire for more time in my day.

Here are some tips that I used to cut down my social media usage from 5 hours to less than 2 hours:

Facebook and Twitter Tips:

  1. Install Ublock
  2. Go to Facebook and Twitter
  3. Press the ublock plugin
  4. Press the eyedropper tool and select the feed section on Facebook and Twitter
  5. Then press “Create”
  6. Refresh Facebook and Twitter
  7. And Voila! When you go to Facebook and Twitter, you won’t waste your time browsing through your feed. Instead, you’ll just focus on the important stuff like messages.

Instagram tips:

  • Disable account.

Helpful plugins for helping cure your social media addiction:

  1. Kill News Feed:
  2. Stay Focused: